Things That Most Fail To Realise About Bitcoin

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It’s good, it’s forever, it’s bulletproof.

Written by Cat Alien, September 2, 2021

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There’s a lot of talk around the Internet about how Bitcoin is just a fad, and it’s bad for fiat money and the big banks, and so on. Some say Bitcoin will somehow replace fiat currency, while others preach how the ‘elites’ will stamp it out.

What most fail to realize about Bitcoin is that it’s not against big banks or fiat. Cryptocurrency is a supplement, just another way to transact value. Just like credit cards did not replace cash, but added to the mix of tools we can use to trade, Bitcoin will never substitute cash.

Another talking point of Bitcoin doubters is fear of it being outlawed, shut down. While it’s a valid thought of any careful person, the fears of governments going after Bitcoin seem to be overblown. Why would anyone want to outlaw an innovative, useful, valuable invention that can be taxed? And even if some will decide to ban Bitcoin, or restrict it as China does, others will happily pick up the spills.

Even if all countries ban Bitcoin and want nothing to do with it it will definitely continue in the underground cause all it needs are people willing to use it. In this scenario, you can almost picture entities running Bitcoin mining operations in the underworld and deep in the jungle. What an adventure!

Bitcoin is bulletproof because it will go on forever as far as two or more persons want to transact in it.

Some still talk about how Bitcoin has no value, it’s just an idea and a digital code, while others say it’s already obsolete in comparison to other new coins. The value of Bitcoin is hard to grasp for some people because it’s so new and not well understood. No problem. What one has to realize about Bitcoin is that it is still not fully understood even by its creators and most advanced users.

The smartest asks what will happen to Bitcoin when quantum computers will be deployed, is it going to fail? Well, without too many technicalities let me propose to you that quantum computers will not affect Bitcoin cause these two are not intersecting. Moreover, quantum computing will actually make Bitcoin stronger.

There are still many possibilities and things that will come out of this wonderful innovation called Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency as a whole, as it is the only way to progress into the future, moneywise.

In the future people will look at Bitcoin like they look at the first computer games, or pioneering computer devices — with love and admiration, and awe at the appreciated price tag.

We are still at the very beginning of this great digital revolution, Bitcoin is just a piece to the puzzle, new things will come about, but hopefully, Bitcoin will stay.

How to Buy/Sell Bitcoin

Bitcoin became very easy to buy and sell recently. Now everybody can invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with reputable companies like PayPal and Coinbase (use the link to sign up now and get $10 worth of Bitcoin free), or Bittrex.

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