How To Be Happy Anyway [Part Two]

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My deepest desire for you is to be happy, to be strong, passionate, joyous, and free!

Any conversation about happiness usually boils down to topics of money, health, aging, personal problems of all kinds, as well as subjects that include multitudes of ills and injustices, real and perceived, in one’s life and this world.


Money has nothing to do with happiness—if you can grasp and accept this strange concept, you’re halfway there. The other half is in the following statement. You got to realize that you’re already rich. If you got your life, friends and family, your health, freedom—you got things no money can buy. So feel rich this way—rich in life, friends, joy, curiosity, and passion. You can feel rich in many things, like your understanding, knowledge, generosity, kindness, etc.


Do not worry about time—the past, present, and future. The past is gone and exists only as memories in your head. If you mainly think of the past, you’ll miss the only real thing—this moment. We always spend all the time of our lives in the now, so make a point to be present in the now. The future is yet to come, it’s a mystery, and it is best kept this way, unvisited, for our peace of mind.


Being healthy in your body, mind, and spirit are some of the most essential conditions for personal happiness. Health is an ever-changing condition, and because of that, we can work on improving it. There’re seemingly endless ways in which we can succeed in making our health better—nutrition and exercise, recreation, healing, and rejuvenation. Get busy and get creative because if you have your health—you will have all the reasons for happiness.


In many modern societies, aging is mainly viewed negatively. A healthy attitude would be the realization that aging gives us many incredible opportunities to become true masters and connoisseurs of what we pursue. Aging informs us of our limited time here and prompts us to seek meaningful goals. It is a privilege that few get. It presents us with an avenue for growth.


Some of the toughest conditions one must overcome and adapt to is loneliness. Everyone will experience some form of loneliness in life, be it the separation from the divine, absence of family, friends, a sense of community, belonging, or love.


All our ills are our body’s response to ignorance and stress. Having a human body is a constant learning and lifestyle adjusting experience. We must become specialists in listening and understanding our bodies' needs and must master self-care, healing, and adjustment to keep sickness at bay.


In most modern societies, death is a misunderstood and mismanaged subject. In situations where it should be used as the opportunity for enlightenment and growth, many in the end just succumb to the inevitability shrouded in mystery, tabu, and ignorance.

Uncertainties, Doubts, and Faith

Belief in anything we can’t touch and see requires a degree of spiritual development, which takes faith and experience. Ignorance can manifest in many forms, and even the brightest minds make mistakes. Logic and knowledge are not enough to uncover the mysteries of this world, and an intelligent mind will show a strong propensity for intuition, spirituality, and faith.



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