How To Be Happy Anyway

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My deepest desire for you is to be happy, to be strong, passionate, joyous, and free!

How Bad Do You Want It

If happiness is something that you want so bad that anything else becomes almost irrelevant—there are ways to attain it practically in any circumstances. That is so if you’re willing to work on yourself, and learn to look at things from a different perspective, adapt, grow and change.

Lessons Learned

First and foremost what one has to do to find tangible, meaningful, lasting, unconditional, true, boundless happiness is to realize that it is not to be found externally, not in the world, in people or things, experiences, or circumstances. Why? Because all these things are transitory, they can be taken away from you, lost or stolen, tarnished, broken, corrupted.

How To Be Happy

To be happy one needs to realize three things. The first is to not idealize anything or anyone. The second is to forget about your troubles. And the third is to learn to appreciate every little thing. Well, I know it is easier said than done but believe me, there’s no other way, I have tried.

Do Not Idealize

The main thing that makes us unhappy is our erroneous belief in ideals. We dream and hope and strive, work and fight hard because we want the best. But at a closer look, our ideals more often than not disappoint us, we’re getting bored fast with things we got, upset at many changing conditions and fleeting moods.

Forget About Your Troubles

To forget about your troubles is to allow for your happiness. Yes, it’s that simple. Just like in a good church on Sunday morning a fine fella, or a lady would proclaim: “Forget your misery! Rise above your troubles!”. Just like that, you have to forget about your real and perceived troubles, forget about your misery, sadness, guilt, shame, angst, problems, and suffering.

Learn To Appreciate Everything

To appreciate every little thing is to know the way to endless happiness. Sounds confusing and counterintuitive, maybe, but learning to appreciate deeply, intimately, radically every little object and subject you encounter will open you up to the miracle of valuing everything in your life, and that in turn will reward you with genuine joy, curiosity, and passion. The ability to find and recognize the value in everything you see will give you wisdom and insight into the deepest secrets of life.

Help People

And if you possess this deep urge to search for happiness anyplace — may you be blessed and find it. And when you find it you can keep it forever, and share it abundantly because the more you share it the more it will come from you and to you, and this is a true miracle. And if you have the inclination to help people and share it selflessly, bravely, abundantly, joyously, with love, without any thought of reward or recognition you will be astonished at the amount of pure, intense, outrageous happiness you will get back in return.



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