For Success, Always Act Out Of Love

2 min readSep 16, 2023


Why action taken out of fear, compared to action taken out of love is gonna to be a losing proposition, and how to make the best decisions.

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In life, when we have to make an important decision whether personal or professional, there is always this breaking point when we have to face all our fears and weigh them against our hopes and dreams, and actually to make a choice from which perspective to take action. The process can be either conscious or unconscious, but it is always the same, we always have a choice of two perspectives.

With two perspectives from which to act in any situation, one of love and one of fear, a very important moment comes when any decision made will bear an imprint and all the consequences of our choice. And if you equate success in life with happiness, then you have a clear path, a blueprint of how to act to make the best decisions.

If you want success in life you just have to choose with love.

Long time ago I noticed that at times when there was a need to make an important and difficult decision I would instinctively choose to act out of love instead of fear. I have used this so many times in life that I distinctively know this psycho-emotional reaction to the stress that the decision making implies. The solution comes as a sudden relief, a flood of energy, culmination of a strong emotion based on a deep connection with your own instincts. For me it feels like the rational mind steps back and lets the emotion dictate the outcome. And it comes out of love. And it has always worked for me.

In practical terms, a decision to take a job that pays less now but promises more fulfillment in the future, while in the moment may carry fear of not having enough money, will surely bring more happiness in the long run. Similarly, in a romantic relationship a decision to go with your deeper feelings of emotional connection, love, sympathy and trust, instead of fear of economic, social or cultural limitations while you may feel very uncomfortable in the moment will have a better chance to produce a happier relationship in the long run.

For success in life and to make the best decisions, always take time to consider as many different perspectives as possible, and always try to see from which perspective you are making any decision. Try not only to consider the intellectual points, but include your intuition, instinct, higher wisdom, emotion.

Try to always take a noble path, the high, narrow, and difficult route, a road less travelled, a way unknown, and do it from the perspective of love, and you will see the success and happiness you want.