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  • İmran Girgin

    İmran Girgin

  • Gustavo Gallina

    Gustavo Gallina

    Everything you need to know to start your self-improvement journey.

  • Paulina Larocca Creative Catalyst

    Paulina Larocca Creative Catalyst

    Author of 3 published books on creativity. MSc of Creativity. Previous life, Innovation Director. Now consult on all things creativity and innovation related.

  • Cedric HasoG Vinebo

    Cedric HasoG Vinebo

    Mythologist | Writer | Author of the Book "Miracles of Afghanistan" (TBR) To be released. ♻️. #God be Praised

  • Tayyeb Aqeel

    Tayyeb Aqeel

    Writings from business, politics, photography and environment

  • Jen Gippel PhD

    Jen Gippel PhD

    Ph.D. Finance, MSc Creativity Studies | Combining science and personal experience I write about Aging, Creativity, and Life.

  • Jeff Scallop

    Jeff Scallop

    Writing about current affairs, finance, economics, crypto and technology.

  • Jonathan Kogan

    Jonathan Kogan

    This is the Ownership Economy, and beyond being a positive social endeavor, the platforms building it are able to leverage incentives.

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