Digital Immortality

2 min readJan 21, 2022


Consciousness transfer and preservation with Avatars in the Metaverse

A physical body is mortal, but the spirit is eternal. Some people become immortal in the memory of other people through great art, others claim immortality through knowledge and labor, and mankind as a whole is immortal until the very last human.

But what does it mean for an individual to strive for a continuation of his/her unique personality and character after the physical body dies?

From the sacred books and sources, we know that transfer of consciousness is possible, and the concept of reincarnation assumes such a process in action. We can envision, with the development of the Metaverse someday it will be possible to transfer and preserve one’s consciousness using avatars, and so continue indefinitely with one’s experience and memory to exist in the digital Universe.

Just like a spirit takes on a body (in essence information attaching itself to matter), it is plausible that one day it will be possible for the same spirit to attach itself to a digital entity to continue the experience in artificially designed environments.

If it will be achievable to transfer and preserve unique identities together with memories, volition, and consciousness, and keep them functioning, creating and propagating in the Metaverse — then we can say that we are in effect creating digital immortality. Such digital entities can have all the legal rights of their now disembodied ancestral personas, carrying on with their lives work, all paid by their transferred fortunes.

Living people can have access to these entities in the Metaverse, communicate and interact with them, and then eventually join them in the afterlife.

It is even conceivable these avatars will establish and build their digital worlds, which may extend so deep into the Metaverse that one day it will become just like our Universe. Who knows maybe it already had happened and we live in one of those Metaverse-Universes.